Sunday, June 24, 2018

Internet Jobs Guide - Place to find Online Vacancies

Here is a little details about internet jobs in Sri Lanka from the CellMax blog, which belongs to Mr. C. Prasad.
You may have already heard about internet jobs (antharjala rekiya) which we can do using a computer and internet connection from your home. Few weeks ago, I saw a Srilankan blogger site which have shown proven methods to earn money from the internet jobs. The author of the article is Mr. C. Prasad. Mr. C. Prasad is an online marketer and internet career adviser. He is the founder of OnlineJobsCircle. You can read full article of Mr R. Rishad about internet jobs at

Here is Mr. C. Prasad's Official Address,
Internet Jobs Guide
Mr. C. Prasad
James Street 1315
Houston Texas 57451

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